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    Post  TheEpikNewb on Sun Sep 19, 2010 7:26 pm

    Hey Guys. Im New To The Forum As You Can See And I Found This SIte while i Was Looking For a Way To Make Modded Lobbies When i Discovered That I Can Only Do that with the 3.41 Firmware so i guys im kinda screwed momentarily. My Psn is: iGunner19- or JW__JW. I Live in Canada And Im A Serious Gamer. PROOF: I HAZ $180 TURTLEBITCHEZ xD I PLay Sports Like Rugby And Football. Indicating I HAve a Life And Im 13. But Im Serious about the stuff I Do. I Hack Multiple Games, Such As: RDR, LBP, MW2, CoD4, And Im Looking For W@W. I Have a PS3 Only And will soon Have An xBox. Im Gunna Wanna JTAG it So Help Me If u Can. And Try to fit me into a CL if you Can Smile Ill Try To Stay Active With The Forums. Peace Guys.
    PS. Im Trying to Get a New PSn thats called TheEpikNewb or sumthing around that if its taken.

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